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11 Truths About Hypnosis Series

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

#2 Hypnosis is a Normal and Natural State of Mind


The second thing I hear the most as a hypnotist is “I don’t think I can be hypnotized.” I simply smile and say “You’ve been hypnotized many times in your life, you just didn’t know it!” Now, I would like to point out some times YOU have been in a state of hypnosis, but didn’t know it. The categories of hypnosis stated below are mostly non-scientific descriptors. I lovingly use these names for ease of memory.

Highway Hypnosis


I have been hypnotized countless times while driving. I enjoy listening to podcasts and audio books, while on the road. If I am especially interested in the subject, I have missed my exit, made a left turn when I should have taken a right and have even been surprised by a stop sign jumping out at me. At night, I find it difficult to drive, because I am mesmerized by the hash marks separating the lanes. This usually only occurs when I am the only person on the road and my mind is not worried about other drivers or when I am driving in the middle of the night. Maybe you are one who likes to talk on the phone while driving. I know you’re responsibly using your hands free system, because we are all responsible adults here, right? I know I have been caught up in some interesting conversations and have missed an exit or have found myself suddenly at home, not believing how quickly I arrived at my destination. If any of this sounds familiar, you have been hypnotized!

Hypnosis by Netflix


I use Netflix simply because they offer an endless supply of material that captivates and hypnotizes us. I LOVE you NETFLIX! Anything you watch on your phone, tv, computer or movie screen can hypnotize you. Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself so immersed in the story, you begin to cry? Maybe the antagonist is extremely aggravating and you feel anger building in your belly making you want to cheer on the hero. Harry Potter was a good one for me. I couldn’t help but want to strangle Malfoy and Dudley. I was in a state of hypnosis. . . It is extremely difficult for me these days to watch sappy movies and shows. After having my children, I can barely make it through some commercials without wiping away a tear. My level of empathy somehow multiplied and tears of happiness and sadness are plentiful; Lord help me.

Time Warping


I am not referring to the shenanigans of Dr. Who. I previously mentioned an instance of time warping while driving. This is the curious but common occurrence of lost time. This can occur anytime you are pinpoint focused on ANYTHING. Have you had an extremely interesting conversation with a friend and the next thing you know hours have passed and you’re rushing to get home? A good movie can definitely time warp you. I recently binge watched a series on Netflix until two or three in the morning! Am I alone here?! When you have focused concentration on a pleasurable or entertaining subject, your consciousness is distracted and time is of no concern. Conversely, if you are completing a tedious task, your consciousness is like a blaring alarm clock and you tend to focus on how much time you have left.

Lost Item Hypnosis


To me, this is the most interesting aspect of hypnosis and can be applied to any common item, even ketchup. Have you ever been looking for your keys franticly, only to have your spouse point to them and say “They are literally right in front of you!” Maybe it was your cell phone. The funniest story I have heard was from my sister. She was late to work and couldn’t find her phone. She yelled in frustration to the person she was on the phone with “I can’t find my PHONE!!!” I am certainly guilty when it comes to sunglasses. They have been on my head or my face and I still couldn’t find them! What exactly is happening here? Most people attribute this to forgetfulness, or absentmindedness. This is actually a normal hypnotic event called negative hallucination. As we are frantic we have an internal conversation with ourselves. It can start with “Where is my. . . ?” Usually this question is quickly followed up with the statement “I can’t find my. . .” which is repeated over and over again. Our brains accept this statement to be true and cause us to negatively hallucinate the item. It is no longer there to us, until someone with a “magic finger” points it out and it suddenly reappears! It is important for you to know that you aren’t losing your mind and you are NOT in the early stages of some form of dementia (unless you’ve been diagnosed, of course). This is normal and fascinating! You can now appreciate these events and laugh them off, reveling in the power of the mind.

Next Up


I hope the realization that hypnosis is a “normal and natural state of mind” is comforting. There is a cloudy stigma around the word “hypnosis.” As I discuss more of the 11 truths, you will be surprised at how hypnosis is undervalued and misunderstood. Next time, I will continue with #3: You Are Always In Control During Hypnosis. Thank you for sticking around, I appreciate you! You are welcome to visit my page at for more information on how hypnosis can change your life.

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