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11 Truths About Hypnosis Series

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

#1 Hypnosis Works- Even When Everything Else Has Failed


You've tried to quit smoking cold turkey, with pills, patches, therapy or a combination of them all. Maybe you've quit for a time and started up again when something stressful happened. You are not alone! Though these methods are helpful to some, they didn't cut it for you.

Hypnotherapy is different! With hypnosis, you tap into your subconscious mind. Through the interpretation of the events of your life, your subconscious mind has developed your personality, feelings and beliefs. You've created unconscious habits through these experiences, both the good and the bad.

Even if smoking isn't YOUR issue, hypnosis can assist you to reduce pain, lose weight, reduce stress, improve your self-esteem and much more. Through my own journey, I have discovered how amazing hypnosis is to the body-mind connection. I am completely mystified that hypnosis is not used more often as a front line defense against many problems. I attribute this to a strong belief in Western Medicine as a society. Don't get me wrong, as a nurse I know the value of the medical field, but I have also experienced it's downfalls. Due to the opiate crisis and the availability of information via the internet, I find more individuals are more open to "alternative" healing methods. I am extremely thankful to have discovered hypnosis during my journey and am here to spread the word.

How Hypnosis Works: Basics


With an experienced hypnotherapist and your implicit cooperation, you can enter into the state of somnambulism or heightened suggestibility. Once there, your trained hypnotist will assist you to uncover the reason behind your undesired habit, fear, or thoughts and work with you to find the relief you're wanting. This is accomplished by bypassing the conscious mind and working directly with the subconscious mind. Within the subconscious is your personality. All of your life's experiences, habits and beliefs are formed and represent you as a whole. Through hypnosis, you are able to make desired changes that are aligned with your accepted beliefs.

There are several methods of hypnosis. The one I use and find to be the most helpful in the shortest amount of time is 5-PATH Hypnotherapy. Direct suggestion methods are wonderful as well. I have found using only direct suggestions can take longer, but they still work. What I love about using the 5-PATH method, is you get the best of both worlds. Direct suggestion is incorporated in a part of the process but age regression is the primary method used to get to the root of the problem and work from there.

For 5-PATH to be the most effective, you will need to schedule a series of sessions. Depending on your hypnotist and methods used, 5-7 sessions are common for the majority of problem areas. When dealing with losing weight, severe drug and alcohol addiction and specialties such as fertility, a consultation with your hypnotist will give you better insight on the number of sessions required. You will also need to provide a referral, when working with a specific diagnosis.

Be flexible, it can be difficult for a hypnotherapist to know exactly how many sessions it will take to solve your troubles. Usually they will know more after the first or second session. Be open with your hypnotist about your feelings, thoughts and concerns. Hypnotherapy is a process that takes the commitment of both parties. If YOU aren't fully invested in the process, your hypnotherapist can't force you into success. What does that mean?! It is not unheard of for individuals to request the assistance of a hypnotherapist because "I want to quit smoking for my wife." Again, insert any issue or individual but note WHO the request is benefitting. It cannot be stated enough, hypnosis really works but YOU have to want the change and be committed to the process, whatever it may be.

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Thank you for reading the first of 11 posts! The Top 11 Truths About Hypnosis is meant to demystify "hypnosis" and bring light to common misconceptions. Feel free to visit my website to explore some of the many ways hypnosis can help you. Next is #2 Hypnosis is a Normal and Natural State of Mind!

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